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ADAMPRIMUS is a leading chartered accountant firm specializing in providing comprehensive financial solutions.

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Our Services

At ADAMPRIMUS, we have a rich history of providing top-notch accounting services to our clients. With a team of experienced and dedicated chartered accountants, we have achieved remarkable success in helping businesses achieve their financial goals.

Statutory Appointment

  • Judicial Management
  • Scheme of Arrangement
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation

Restructuring & Reorganisation

  • Company or Business Rescue
  • Financial and Operational
  • Restructuring
  • Corporate Workouts
  • Turnaround


  • Business Appraisal and Review
  • Turnaround Strategies and Crisis
  • Management
  • Financial and Business Monitoring
  • Dispute Resolution
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More than 100 years of combined experience

The zone of insolvency is a legal conceptualization describing the grey area between being solvent and insolvent, a zone that impacts all parties dealing with the company in the manner that affairs are conducted. A financially distressed company in the zone of insolvency is likely to have deteriorating fiscal conditions such as minimal cash reserves, only marginal surpluses, increasing debt, and an inability to invest in future operations.

As insolvency professionals, we provide services to entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations in navigating financial distress in the zone of insolvency in an advisory capacity as well as providing services for formal insolvency processes, including rescue, recovery and liquidation.